Testing other uses for my GoPro HD

I’ve recently been testing some other uses for the GoPro HD Hero other than filming footage from onboard my motorcycle or luging down a hill in Rotorua.

Normally when you search for GoPro on YouTube you’ll be presented with videos of Skydiving, Base jumping, Motorsports, Watersports and many other adventurous, adrenaline seeking activities. Continue reading Testing other uses for my GoPro HD

My 2 year old son’s first Voice Memo’s on my iPhone 3GS

Feeling quite at home on the iPhone’s unique touch-screen interface after having owned a iPod Touch for well over a year, Joshua, my almost three year old son quickly wanted to get his hands on my new iPhone 3GS. Once I showed him once how to record audio in the new Voice Memo app, he quickly got the hang of it and started recording some clips.

These are two of my favourites from the past week.


Joshua Medley

Learn Joshua’s Lingo

As of right now, as Joshua is approaching 2 years and 5 months old on March 26, we thought we’d put together a chart of his special lingo

Pupaise: Helicopter
Nou Nous: Motocycle
Bus: Plane/Bus
Weeol Weeol: Fire Engine

Mote: Remote
Pia: Panda/Penquin
Nia: Lightning McQueen (from the movie Cars)
Boo car: Sally (from the movie Cars)
Tia: Television
Moowee: Movie/DVD
Dockee: Day care

Peeze: Please
Pum: Come
Moo: Move

Nilk: Milk
Mooze: Muesli
Chocia: Chocolate
Mudda: Marmite
Bam: Jam (added April 10, 2009)

Boo: Blue
Adowl: Orange

Daddy: W
Sick: X

Joshua’s first Helicopter ride

Well, after my workmate Craig Hammond went up on a floatplane ride over Mt Tarawera with Volcanic Air Safaris’ (VAS) last week, I was pretty envious. But fear not, Ann Parker from VAS said I could come down when ever I liked to have a free transfer back to the airport, as they store the helicopters there every night. Continue reading Joshua’s first Helicopter ride

Hamilton Zoo

This morning we went for a drive over to Hamilton Zoo to show Joshua the animals, as he just loves the Lion Man and the Zoo on TV2. The 55-200mm lens came in really handy to get the great closeup shots you’ll see when you view the photos. You can quickly flick through all 26 images as you join us on our tour of the Hamilton Zoo, viewing all the animals we saw along our way.

View Photos

Joshua’s bedroom in 360° with Photosynth™

A cool way to virtually explore Joshua’s new ‘Elmo’ themed bedroom using Microsoft’s new Photosynth technology.

To view the following you will be required the install the free Photosynth software. I would seriously recommend it, it’s really quite an amazing way to explore environments in 3D using nothing other than two dimensional photos.

Or view it on the Photosynth website here.

Joshua snoring loudly

This is an audio clip I extracted from some video Kim took of Joshua today while he was having his daytime sleep.

It definitely seams like a few of his grand parents traits are well ingrained into Joshua now.


Reminds me of my parents snoring chorus they once performed…

Joshua Hodge gets his own domains

Well, many months ago after Joshua was born I searched for joshuahodge domains and to my disappointment joshuahodge.com was gone, but upon re-searching tonight, I’ve discovered that joshuahodge.com was available again, so I quickly snapped it up along with joshuahodge.co.nz.

So stay tuned for Joshua’s own blend of website, of course I’ll get him to help with the design and development of it.

Hopefully Joshua will find a use for it one day, might put up all the video and photos of him on there.
Let me know your thoughts on what I should put on the site.

Lost Sky Remote? Photo

So, after returning home from a couple of open homes today, we put Joshua in his walker while Kim and I prepared lunch for us all. After a few minutes Joshua was playing in the toilet and we didn’t think anything of it. We then sat down and had lunch while watching some SKY TV. After a few minutes during the next ad break, we wanted to change channels to see what else was on. Perplexed as to the where abouts of the sky remote, I went hunting around the lounge. Kim mentioned in passing that Joshua had it while in his walker a mere 5 minutes earlier. I then (dreading the possibility that the remote could be in the toilet) went to the toilet to check the bowl, and was surprised to discover the following…

Thanks Joshski!, first of many ‘OMG’ moments, I’m sure…