Movie Medley I Audio

Here it is folks, sales
My brother wanted some new audio clips in a podcast so I had to deliver.
Here is a medley of audio clips from Wedding Crashers and Bay Boys 2.
I hope it puts a smile on your face, as I know it will put one on my brothers
Of course I had to have some background music so I chose Ooh la la – By The Wiseguys, from the movie Big Brother staring Adam Sandler (one of the funniest actors/singer/songwriters around).


Happy Gilmore Audio

Stay out of my way, or you’ll pay, listen to what I say

I’d have to kick my own arse

I eat piece’s of shit like you for breakfast

Why don’t you just go to your home!

Madagascar Audio

How long is this going to take
[audio:How long is this going to take.mp3]

This place is crackalacking
[audio:This place is crackalacking.mp3]

This place is off the chizzam

We should of brought Chips And Dip
[audio:Chips And Dip.mp3]

They are savage aliens

Introduction to the Lemurs – New York Giants

Wakey Wakey Mr Alex

Bad Boys II Audio

Bad Boys, Bad Boys
[audio:Bad Boys Bad Boys.mp3]

I’m Telling Mommy

Brass up my ass
[audio:Brass up my ass.mp3]

Cocky Nigger
[audio:Cocky Nigger.mp3]

Down for whatever
[audio:Down for whatever.mp3]

Emotional Cop Week
[audio:Emotional Cop Week.mp3]

Fug Sheu
[audio:Fug Sheu.mp3]

Hello Capition
[audio:Hello Capition.mp3]

It’s the Niggras
[audio:Its the Niggras.mp3]

I’ve got an erection
[audio:I’ve got an erection.mp3]

My ass still hurts
[audio:My ass still hurts.mp3]

Police commissioner up my ass
[audio:Police commissioner up my ass.mp3]

Reggies Date
[audio:Reggies Date.mp3]

Suple leather
[audio:Suple leather.mp3]

This is a nice fish
[audio:This is a nice fish.mp3]

Woo Saa
[audio:Woo Saa.mp3]

You only heard titties
[audio:You only heard titties.mp3]

Your an engima
[audio:Your an engima.mp3]