First attempt at HDR photography

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range.

Tonight while I was cooking dinner, I noticed a pretty dramatic looking sky. So I whipped out the tripod and my Canon EOS 450D, stepped outside our house onto our shared driveway, set the Automatic Exposure Bracketing (AEB) to -+2. Setting AEB enables it to quickly take three shots with a different exposure setting in quick succession.

Using the built in automated Merge to HDR script in Photoshop CS3 to bring the images together. Saved as a 32bit Tiff.
Opened in Photomatix Pro 3.1 and tone mapped.

Click on the images below to see the three original images and the resulting HDR image at the bottom.

img_6123 img_6121 img_6122

My first HDR photo

I’m hooked! – Look out for future HDR images as I sink my teeth into popular Rotorua landmarks.

Lost Sky Remote? Photo

So, after returning home from a couple of open homes today, we put Joshua in his walker while Kim and I prepared lunch for us all. After a few minutes Joshua was playing in the toilet and we didn’t think anything of it. We then sat down and had lunch while watching some SKY TV. After a few minutes during the next ad break, we wanted to change channels to see what else was on. Perplexed as to the where abouts of the sky remote, I went hunting around the lounge. Kim mentioned in passing that Joshua had it while in his walker a mere 5 minutes earlier. I then (dreading the possibility that the remote could be in the toilet) went to the toilet to check the bowl, and was surprised to discover the following…

Thanks Joshski!, first of many ‘OMG’ moments, I’m sure…

Update 8th June ’07

Aren’t you lucky, getting two episodes of the funnies in one short week!

Big shout out goes out to my brother from another mother, James Reid, who is turning 28 tomorrow (Saturday 9 th ). Congratulations brother, I hope Norah spoils you rotten and you have an awesome weekend!

And of course my dad, who is turning 62 next Tuesday the 12 th , love you dad, you don’t look a day over 60! Look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks with the entire family!

Well, it been a busy week here at Destination Rotorua Tourism Marketing , let me recap just one day this week…

On Wednesday, we had a team building day for work. We all met at the office before heading out to Peppers on the Point (a local luxury lodge) for a team briefing/meeting, outlining the year ahead and brain storming a few ideas for the website and marketing opportunities. While we were there we enjoyed morning tea and an exquisite lunch. After lunch and a short tour of the lodge, we headed out to the Whakawareware Forest for our team building activities. It was like treasure island with compasses, where we had to find hidden clues and decode them. We also had to compete in timed activities along the circuit including bull whip cracking, mountain biking, miniature catapult building and firing and other various team activities. Needless to say, the team I was in won by a close margin of only 1 point. As it was now getting dark due to the other team getting lost in the forest, we then headed back to Action NZ headquarters where we enjoyed some laser clay bird shooting, mechanical bull riding and drinking. Then it was quickly home for a freshen up before heading to Skyline Skyrides for buffet dinner. And what a buffet I must say, first buffet I’ve ever been too where you can order fillet steak cooked to order! And of course the apple crumble dessert, Kim was gutted when she found out what she missed for dinner. It was a very enjoyable day had by all.

That about wraps up my week.

Check out the three latest websites I’ve been working on recently


And get your fill of Joshua via three new photos and one new video titled ‘Laughing Boy’
This weeks funnies will be up shortly on so check back before lunch.

Have a great weekend everybody, Kim and I never rest, we are heading over to Taupo after work to stay the night tonight with Jason and Jane before leaving Joshua with them for the day Saturday while we drive to Auckland for a one day seminar with Andrew Demitri . Should be interesting, and fast track our Australian stock market earning potential.

Ciao for now

Update 25th May ’07

Well, on behalf of my family, i just want to thank Alan, Alex and the team here at TUMONZ,
both present and past, for all the great times we’ve shared over the past five years and to
wish them all the best for their endevours in the future.
Check out me filling the staff swimming pool before a Christmas function one year.

Big shout out to both Luke Linnell and Tim Rattray who are both celebrating their birthdays,
turning thirty something (38&37) on Monday the 28th.
Congratulations boys, hope you have a fantastic weekend and your families spoil you rotten.

Joshua is now 7 months old and is weighing in at a healthy 7.8 kgs, he has 6 teeth currently
with another 4 almost coming through. He is a happy go lucky baby who we’ve been blessed with.
Never having to use a pacifier, which we are really happy about. Its been harder for us without any
close family support but I’m extremely proud of the way Kim has handled everything, especially
without the support of a mother (whom past away). Kim is a fantastic mother and I know her mom
would be proud of her.

Kim is also becoming quite the photographer, she has been responsible for most of the new
photos of Joshua you see on Speaking of which, there are 3 new photos of Joshua this week, one of which you can open full-size and print if you wish.

I’d like to thank everyone who replied to me last week with good wishes and thoughts,
I appreciate everything you wrote. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get the funnies to you
next week, but they will come through, rest assured.

May you all have a terrific weekend, eat, drink (and don’t drive) and be merry.
Enjoy this weeks funnies

One Year to the Day Photos

Well it is now one year to the day, that I sold my 1998 Suzuki GSX-R750 sports bike.

It was Easter weekend 2006, an interesting time our life, Kim was pregnant with Joshua at around 16 weeks and we only owned the bike and Kim’s compact two door 1991 Honda Prelude with little room in the backseat for anything, let alone a baby capsule, and don’t get me started on the boot size of that thing, it was pathetic.
We had the need, and it was no longer for speed! – it was for child safety and luggage size!

So I made the decision to put the bike on the market, thinking that it would take a while to sell.
Well not even a week after my listing was up on TradeMe, I got a call from a Papamoa resident wanting to come over and ‘have a look’. After a quick inspection, we was off on a test ride with his wife and young son waiting behind. The time seamed to stand still as I waited for him to return from his ride.

Upon his return he offered me my asking price in cash, so I took a few minutes to consider the repercussions of not having a motorcycle to go for liberating rides around all of the bay of plenty during sunny afternoons and weekends.
Thinking of the future with Joshua, it had to be done as we needed to invest in a larger car to carry baby stuff, and I knew this but didn’t want to admit it. So I accepted his offer and he rode the bike away moments later.

It was perfect timing really as we had found the Legnum on TradeMe days before and selling the bike aloud us to purchase this car at a bargain price, and it’s been a little gem, we can’t imagine not having a car with a reasonable sized boot anymore.

These are the last few photos I took of my bike before I sold it.

View Photos

I have got my eyes set on a newer model of the GSXR750 and one day soon, I’ll get on the road again.