First glimpse at new addition

We’d like to share with you all some great news!


That’s right, number two is on the way and we couldn’t be any happier.

I must admit it was some fine work on my behalf. It was a game of two halves, full of ups and downs and full credit to the other team, they put up a valiant effort but in the end we managed to slip one past the goalie!
As of today we are just over 13 weeks, so already over a 1/4 of the way there. That was easy!
Kims’ due date is around the 24/25 of June 2009

Here are our first set of scans of the little one, now just under 7cm in length.
These are hot off the press from Wednesday 17 December, 2008

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Ultrasound Botch-Up!

Well it seams as though the ultrasound machine at Lakes Radiology Rotorua is playing up as it only taped a blue screen


And to make matters worse, drugs there was no offer to get it done again.
This is a once (or twice or more) in a lifetime experience, medic and just like any modern IT savvy 21st century family, we want every second caught on video for our blog!
So, both you and I will have to wait for the 32 week scan for the video of the Hodge baby at play
Antenatal class again tonight, so until the next update, ciao.

20 Week Scan Update

Had the 20 week scan today, and it all looked amazing!
You could see everything, fingers, toes, and even while the nurse was holding the thing still, the little rascal was moving all over the show, turning, rolling over, covering it’s head, it was so cool to watch.

As with the 13 week scan, I hope to have some photos and video up on the site within a week or two for you all to browse though.

We were told, that we will need to have another scan at 32 weeks as the kidneys are slightly larger than “normal”, this is simply a precaution to check that things should return to “normal”.
Will keep you posted.

13 Week Scan Video

Here is is everyone.
The video of our little bubs inside Kim’s tum.
Now before clicking on this link, the file you are about to stream is over 30Mb and on a dial-up connection could be a waste of your time.

The steps involved in making this movie

  1. Conception, I’ll let you fill in the blanks here…
  2. 13 week scan at Lakes Radiology in Rotorua
  3. I got the video converted from VHS to DVD by Kent Fraser from Live Bait Productions in Auckland
  4. Converted it to AVI with a DVD to AVI converter
  5. Imported it into Camtasia Studio for production with audio into the flash file you see before you below

Of course I had to add some sound otherwise it would be completely boring, cue José Gonzalez with the song Heartbeats, used on the latest Sony television commercial here in New Zealand.

Now click here to watch the video

13 Week Scan Photos

Here we go folks, the latest scans, hot off the press, taken on Thursday the 6th of April.

Kim and I are so excited, everything looks good.
Everything seems so weird as is new to us.
We went window shopping today for a pram and cot, just to get an idea of the market and my goodness, what a market!
There is obviously lots of money to be made there! – everything is sooooo expensive
So we’ll get a cot and pram new and buy some of the other bits second hand.
That’s if my brother (Croydon) doesn’t want to make a cot for us….. hint hint