PS2 Game Review – Tourist Trophy Video

So here I am, Thursday the 1st of June, with my copy of Tourist Trophy for PS2 in my hot little hands. That’s right, I got my copy the day before release day, being tomorrow the 2nd of June. Can I just say how pleased I am with GPStore as they couriered the game out a day early so I would be certain to have if for the long Queens Birthday weekend, this weekend. They are the greatest online Gaming and DVD store in New Zealand, without a doubt. Why pay full retail when you can pre-order and save $$.

I’ll add some feedback on the game once I’ve played it, cause it’s a bit hard while I’m here at work. Just to give you an idea of the game and to wet your appetite, watch the video above. (requires quicktime)

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State of NZ Telecommunications Video

I switched to Telstra Clear for our home phone and broadband internet, have been since August 2005, we switched our cell phones to Vodafone in February this year. Because we feel Telecom had done nothing for us.

I’m glad Telecom is suffering and loosing money after keeping NZ in the dark ages, local loop unbundling will be the best thing for the NZ public, because finally we’ll be able to get decent broadband at a price that everyone can afford.

This video clip made me laugh, so I had to share it, watch it while you can, as Telecom has had this video clip pulled from other websites, so share the link while it’s hot!

Requires Flash

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13 Week Scan Video

Here is is everyone.
The video of our little bubs inside Kim’s tum.
Now before clicking on this link, the file you are about to stream is over 30Mb and on a dial-up connection could be a waste of your time.

The steps involved in making this movie

  1. Conception, I’ll let you fill in the blanks here…
  2. 13 week scan at Lakes Radiology in Rotorua
  3. I got the video converted from VHS to DVD by Kent Fraser from Live Bait Productions in Auckland
  4. Converted it to AVI with a DVD to AVI converter
  5. Imported it into Camtasia Studio for production with audio into the flash file you see before you below

Of course I had to add some sound otherwise it would be completely boring, cue José Gonzalez with the song Heartbeats, used on the latest Sony television commercial here in New Zealand.

Now click here to watch the video