Rotorua information website widget

Today I finished a information widget for that allows people to have the following on their own website. It uses an iFrame to show a page from the site. It gives us some control over Rotorua content that people are putting on their websites. It uses the Mootools javascript library for the pop-out menu and fading image galleries. Continue reading Rotorua information website widget

Mootools horizontal DIV slider

This is an update to the original Mootools horizontal DIV slider I wrote back in December of 2007.
It now uses the Mootools 1.2.3 Core and Fx.Slide from the More build.

LATEST UPDATED: It now comes in two flavors, the original unordered list navigation and now the new next/previous buttons.

Continue reading Mootools horizontal DIV slider

Joshua Hodge gets his own domains

Well, many months ago after Joshua was born I searched for joshuahodge domains and to my disappointment was gone, but upon re-searching tonight, I’ve discovered that was available again, so I quickly snapped it up along with

So stay tuned for Joshua’s own blend of website, of course I’ll get him to help with the design and development of it.

Hopefully Joshua will find a use for it one day, might put up all the video and photos of him on there.
Let me know your thoughts on what I should put on the site.

Welcome to Adrian

Wellity Wellity Wellity

Welcome to my new website designed to keep everyone informed with what me and the family are up to.
I hope to write in this online blog at least weekly, similar to my update with the friday funnies each Friday.

Please enjoy your visit and if theres anything you want to hear about, watch, or listen to, don’t hesitate to ask.